B&D Transfer Seats can be installed in mini vans and full size vans for both driver and passenger.

500 lbs total combined weight capacity.

4 Month Warranty on Parts and 12 Months Limited Warranty on Labor leads the industry in transfer seat base warranties.


The Bruno Valet Signature Seating replaces existing seatbase with a unique swivel power up/down base. A safe alternative to transporting someone in a wheelchair in the vehicle. Saves space. In some cases utilizes your vehicle’s origional seat. Allows for an even height transfer from a mobility device or can be lowered to a desired height.



Remote Car Starter Remotely start your car from up to 400ft. away to warm it up in winter and cool it down in summer using the 4-button remote (included). Includes installation and four button long range remote. For use with vehicles with fuel injection and automatic transmissions only.Other features can be added at a minimal charge (per item): Transponder Box – for a no key start, Lock/Unlock doors – Parking light confirmation and keyless entry from the remote start key,Open passenger sliding door (ramp door), Extra Key remote when purchased with Remote Start System.

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The Roll-A-Ramp is a ground-breaking new concept that will change the way people look at ramps. For centuries ramps have been utilized by millions of people because of their strength. But never before has a ramp been as flexible as Roll-A-Ramp.


As North America’s leading manufacturer of stair lifts, Bruno™ Independent Living Aids is proud to offer a complete line of the finest battery-powered stairway lifts for residential and commercial use. With a Bruno stairlift you regain your entire home. Stairway lifts are the perfect solution to home accessibility taking you up and down your stairs, safely, comfortably and effortlessly. We offer both indoor straight and custom-curved rail stair lifts, as well as our Industry Exclusive outdoor straight-rail stair lift, the only outdoor stair chair lift designed with a 400 lb weight capacity.



The EZ Lock wheelchair restraint system is a simple and effective means of securing an occupied wheelchair in a moving vehicle. Operation of the EZ Lock system couldn’t be easier. The automatic locking mechanism simply requires that you guide your wheelchair over the top of the lock until the interface on your wheelchair is fully engaged into the docking station. Once you have reached your destination, release the wheelchair from the station with the touch of a conveniently located push-button switch.


Sure-Lok has a long history of providing exceptional wheelchair and occupant restraint systems for transporting individuals with special needs. It’s an enormous commitment – one that we take seriously, wholeheartedly and without hesitation. This commitment to safety has led to pioneering innovations that are now industry standards. Sure-Lok was the first to develop and manufacture L Track and A Track Securement Systems. And every Sure-Lok product is designed to meet all applicable regulatory guidelines.


Q’Straint is an internationally recognized company known for its commitment to manufacturing the highest quality wheelchair and occupant restraint systems. We build our systems to the highest standards to ensure our end-users receive the safest product. Q’Straint specializes ONLY in wheelchair and occupant restraint systems we design, manufacture, warehouse and ship our products all over the world a prominant member of I.S.O. (International Standards Organization) active in promoting and setting industry standards for wheelchair and occupant restraint safety. Q’Straint’s products and accessories enable us to offer you solutions for all your securement needs.



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