Driving Controls – Electronic

Primary Controls

NOTE: The following items need a prescription from a Certified Driving Rehabilitation Specialist trained in High Tech Driving Equipment.

EMC Primary Controls….are the driver input devices necessary for controlling the Gas/Brake and Steering functions of a motor vehicle. The “plug and play” design of AEVIT 2.0® allows you to build your system with the input devices that fit your physical needs. If your needs should change in the future, simply plug in a different input device.

The J-Series input device is a Gas, Brake & Steering system that utilizes a multi-axis joystick input device. Motion in the X-axis is for Steering and the Y-axis motion is for Gas & Brake. The exposed height of the joystick is approximately 4.25? and an angular displacement, or range, of only 50 degrees is required to move the input from the full left steer position to full right steer or from the full gas position to full brake. As with all AEVIT® Gas & Brake systems, the Gas & Brake input direction can be programmed to be either gas forward or brake forward.


The XL-Series is a Gas, Brake & Steering system that utilizes two separate control inputs. A joystick constrained to the X-axis (same as the X-Series) is used as the Steering input and a lever input device (same as the L-Series) is used for operation of the Gas & Brake.


The WJ-Series is a Gas, Brake & Steering system that features a unique input device introduced with the release of AEVIT®. It is a single console with a joystick constrained to motion only in the Y-axis for Gas & Brake mounted on the left, and a 5.0? miniature wheel for Steering on the right.


The WY-Series is a Gas, Brake & Steering system that utilizes two separate control inputs. A wheel input device is provided for Steering (same as the W-Series) and a Y-axis joystick for Gas & Brake (same as the Y-Series). This system is well suited for persons requiring extremely low-effort Gas & Brake control and a miniature low-effort steering wheel.

One of the many advantages of the AEVIT® primary driving control systems is the fact that factory supplied gas, brake, and steering controls of your vehicle can remain fully functional for others to use. However, the use of the factory controls requires that the operator “decouple” or take the powerful AEVIT® servomotors off-line so to speak.

Secondary Driving Controls

The Secondary Driving Controls manufactured by EMC are designed to operate vehicle functions other than Gas, Brake & Steering. We offer a variety of options for many different vehicle applications, and each EMC secondary control comes with a 3 year manufacturer’s warranty. Our controls can be purchased as a complete console system to complement your primary driving controls or they can be purchased individually. For example, if the AEVIT® primary driving control system will be used in the vehicle, we recommend the Gold Series complete console system.

1001408display_smAevit 2.0 Display

The AEVIT 2.0® Display incorporates all of the latest technologies to give you simple and convenient touchscreen operation of nearly every secondary control function available. Not only does the AEVIT 2.0® Display require much less space than previous multi-touch pad systems, but by utilizing LCD touchscreen technology and CANbus messaging, you can operate more functions than ever before.

1001408smartshift-compSmart Shift

Smart-Shift® sets the industry standard for “Electronic Shift” applications, and can be installed into any vehicle equipped with an automatic transmission. No more missed gears or waiting in traffic for other actuator systems to slowly move. Smart-Shift travels from Park to Drive in 1.3 seconds! Simply press the desired key one time and the actuator moves to the desired gear automatically.

Auxiliary Battery Systems

EMC offers three different Auxiliary Battery Systems, each intended to perform for your specific “isolated, redundant backup power” requirements. Whether you require a backup power supply for the AEVIT Primary Driving Control System, Backup Power Steering Pumps or Lift Emergency Egress, one of the following products will meet your needs.

Electric Parking Brake

The EMC Electronic Park Brake is an excellent and dependable replacement for the OEM mechanical Park Brake. The Park Brake utilizes a combination of components which can output a force of more than 640 lbs. and is capable of fully applying the park brake in less than 3-seconds. The water resistant cast housing is designed to keep the internal components protected from the elements and abuse.

Voice Activation of Secondary Control

VIC will set new performance standards for truly “user friendly” access to important secondary controls while driving. For years, operation of necessary controls such as Shifter Functions, Turn Signals, Horn, Headlight Dimmer, Wipers, etc. by physically challenged drivers, has been an exercise in cockpit aerobics. Previous controls are limited to placement within the cockpit due to the fact that they require absolute positioning for each switch to be accessed. Therefore, some of these functions are easier to access than others……..Not with VIC®! All of the 16-vehicle controls can be accessed as easily as touching a single switch and speaking.


Digitone® maximizes the effectiveness of a person with a disability by utilizing their auditory skills for selection of up to eight vehicle functions while driving by depressing one switch! When the switch is depressed, Digitone® will begin emitting a series of eight “different tones” of a musical octave. When the switch is released, whatever note last sounded will activate the corresponding assigned vehicle function. It’s almost like playing “musical chairs” with assigned seats for everyone! To operate, the driver need only depress a switch and hold it until the desired note is reached and then release. The vehicle function assigned to that note will activate instantly. The scan rate and the volume are both programmable by your dealer as well as which vehicle function will activate any of the eight notes