Vehicle Lifts: Stowage type

Stowage lifts are incredible products easily lift, store, and allow transportation of your unoccupied wheelchair, scooter, or power chair with every type of vehicle. Some lifts can be folded away when not in use. Please consult your Mobility Consultant before purchasing your vehicle for information on which lift will work best.

Harmar Lifts

Al435The HARMAR AL435

adds a powered boom with 12” of additional reach required to clear the rear bumper of larger vehicles and maneuver the largest possible power chair or scooter into the smallest vehicle openings.


The streamlined design of the HARMAR AL160

Profile Scooter Lift features an open platform design with a simpler, smaller silhouette. It permits an understated presence on the vehicle and, when folded, permits greater visibility out of the rear window. The automatic hold-down foot secures virtually any power scooter with a wheelbase between 30″ and 42″ with no modifications, and it accommodates even large scooters up to 350 lbs.