Vehicle Wheelchair Lifts

VMI/RICON Personal Lifts


The Clearway‘s fully automatic split platform folds up and out of the way at the push of a button, leaving the doorway clear, while its strong all-steel frame and powerful hydraulic pump allow quick, reliable operation. Handrails on the frame provide increased comfort and security.




The Reliant‘s trim, compact design allows you to make the most of your interior space, while its strong all-steel frame and powerful hydraulic pump ensure years of dependable use. It also features no-lube bearings at all major pivot points and patented Sto-Lok  technology that securely locks the platform in the stowed position.




The KlearVue‘s unique folding lift design eliminates hazardous blind spots, providing an unobstructed view for drivers as well as passengers. Its compact design also means no modifications must be made to your vehicle’s roof or door  even when a long platform is necessary for larger wheelchairs and power scooters. It accommodates a 51? platform in a 48? door.



The UNI-Lite, which features 1/4?-thin platform and aluminum alloy construction, weighs only 160 lbs., yet it can easily lift as much as 600 lbs



Ricon/VMI Commercial/ADA Lifts

Ricon Corporation has provided accessibility solutions since 1971 and is a worldwide leader in mobility enhancement. Our product line of wheelchair lifts, ramps, and accessories can meet your needs whether for a personal vehicle, commercial/paratransit fleet bus, or public transit bus/railcar applications.