Auto Ability



AutoAbility’s rear-entry wheelchair vans are very popular among commercial and municipal customers because of their quality, durability, reputation, and most importantly their price. Based out of Clarkston, Michigan, AutoAbility has over 25 years of automotive industry experience and some of the most revolutionary designs in the mobility industry. Our wheelchair vans are built tougher than they need to be, giving our mobility customers the confidence they deserve when purchasing a wheelchair accessible vehicle. We offer Dodge Wheelchair Vans, Chrysler Wheelchair Vans, Toyota Wheelchair Vans, and Volkswagen Wheelchair Vans.
AutoAbility’s rear-entry wheelchair vans Chrysler, Dodge, and Volkswagen offerings come standard with a 34? wide ramp that has 4? side rails. AutoAbility offers a Toyota van which are equipped with a 31? wide ramp with 2? side rails.

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