National Mobility Equipment Dealers Association (NMEDA)    Green Bay & Stevens Point

The NMEDA is a non-profit trade association whose diverse membership strives to increase independence for people with disabilities through the provision of safe adaptive transportation.

NMEDA fulfills its mission by:

-Encouraging professionals
-Establishing national guidelines
-Providing resource information
-Offering training opportunities
-Offering a voluntary Quality Assurance Program
-Providing a source for mediation to assist the consumer & the dealer

NMEDA Quality Assurance Program (QAP) – Categories      Green Bay & Stevens Point

The QAP designation enhances vehicle modification and adaptive equipment installation in a manner consistent with the highest standards available in the industry. It binds dealers to industry best practices, an in-house crash testing program and proven shop practices that assure the highest level of performance and safety. That kind of work, that kind of care, that kind of integrity are what establish customer trust, and customer trust is a key to business success. All QAP Dealers have proven their ability for quality by virtue of successfully navigating the QAP process.

Dealers who participate in the QAP are held to extremely high standards:

  1. They are required to maintain four types of insurance for liability purposes.
  2. They need to have certified welders on hand if they perform any type of structural modifications to vehicles.
  3. These dealers are also required to have their technicians certified in the equipment they sell, install and service. They must keep records of all adaptive work.
  4. They are required to undergo an inspection and audit process at least annually by an independent engineering firm to ensure compliance to the NMEDA Guidelines and the requirements listed above.

QAP Dealers also uphold the “Triple S” for Consumers:


QAP Dealers are knowledgeable and educated on a wide variety of products, features/benefits and applications. Appropriate product applications provide improved quality of life. In addition, informed QAP Dealers are aware of the funding opportunities to procure mobility products.


QAP Dealers are knowledgeable in FMVSS (accepted practices and industry standards) and are trained in the products they service and install. Regulated audits keep dealers accountable to ensure that only the best are QAP accredited.


Inspected facilities ensure quality and a positive experience for you, the consumer. Trained and certified technicians resolve technical issues on the first visit.

GT MOBILITY is certified as a Mobility Equipment Installer:

– Trunk lifts for wheelchairs and scooters
– Portable ramps
– Power and manual wheelchair tie-downs
– Simple non-driver devices
– Manual hand control
– Steering devices
– Left foot accelerator
– Pedal extensions
– Roof-top carriers
– Low and zero effort steering systems with backup
– Low and zero effort braking systems with backup
– Driver and passenger power and manual transfer seats
– Wheelchair lifts
– Secondary driving aids (non-electrical)
– Driver trainer brakes
– Power Seat Bases

GT MOBILITY is certified as a Structural Vehicle Modifier:
– Lowered floors
– Raised roofs
– Raised doors
– Support cages

GT MOBILITY is certified as a High Tech Driving Systems Installer
– Electronic and pneumatic gas/brake
– Horizontal, joystick, hydraulic, and electronic steering systems
– Touch pads/secondary controls (requiring electrical)

Other Industry Programs/Categories

Adaptive Driving Alliance

Our members are highly skilled and trained and they offer the best products on the market in van conversions, hand controls, wheelchair lifts, scooter lifts, tie downs, conversion van rentals, paratransit and other adaptive equipment.

Electronic Mobility Controls, LLC

EMC was founded with the single goal of providing individuals with high level disabilities the freedom of mobility. EMC takes great pride in knowing that they can provide unique solutions to your difficult driving control challenges. Their innovative solutions to these challenges have allowed EMC to set industry standards for the world to follow. Maintaining consumer safety is their primary goal. As an ISO 9001 certified company, EMC is committed to continual product improvement and have the engineering expertise to ensure that EMC products are recognized as the standard for safety and reliability by which others are judged.

GT MOBILITY has a certified two Expert Technicians on Staff and installing EMC since 2000.


NHTSA is the federal government agency with the authority to regulate the manufacture of automotive adaptive equipment and modified vehicles used by persons with disabilities.

Certain motor vehicle repair businesses make significant modifications to vehicles specifically to accommodate persons with disabilities. Businesses that do so generally need to assure that the vehicle continues to comply with the FMVSS except under specified circumstances identified in 49 CFR Part 595, Exemption From the Make Inoperative Prohibition. Modifiers that use these exemptions must affix a label to each affected vehicle stating that it may no longer comply with all FMVSS, and must identify themselves to NHTSA. This database contains selected information submitted by those businesses to us. NHTSA does not approve motor vehicles or motor vehicle equipment items, nor does the agency endorse any commercial products or vendors.

GT MOBILITY is a registered.

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