Introducing the MV-1 LX Luxury Edition

The MV-1 LX pairs the uncompromised comfort and luxury of high-end sedans, with the best-in-class accessibility of the MV-1. Beautifully appointed with rosewood, chrome, and leather accents, the LX provides a level of sophistication previously unseen in personal mobility.

In addition to the cosmetic upgrades, the MV-1 LX is also loaded with technology. This package features the two-stage power ramp with a one-touch electronic control, making ingress/egress easier than ever before. The driver’s compartment features an advanced double-DIN radio satellite radio with navigation, and Bluetooth connectivity. Pamper yourself with the ultimate in personalized accessible transportation.


Getting in and out of the MV-1 is a breeze!

Featuring a side-deployable ramp integrated into the floor, the MV-1 is offered in a power or manual version. The power ramp offers long (1:6 slope) or short ramp (1:4 slope) settings, and both the ramp and entry way (36? x 56?) exceed ADA guidelines.

Need cargo room? The MV-1 has plenty.

The MV-1 features a cavernous luggage storage area of 36.4 cubic ft cargo volume on our gas version and 29.1 cubic ft cargo volume on our CNG version.

24 x 7 x 365 North American Roadside Assistance

Drive with peace of mind knowing you are only a phone call away from assistance. Your MV-1 Roadside membership comes with VPG 24/7 Roadside Assistance Program anywhere in the United States and Canada – every day, all year long