Other Hand Controls

Mobility Products & Design MPD’s easy-to-use hand controls make driving simple-just push forward to brake and pull down to accelerate. Our wide selection of steering controls puts you in command of your vehicle, enabling you to enjoy a driving experience that minimizes fatigue. Our extension and foot controls make everyday tasks convenient for you-from turning the ignition key to setting the parking brake. website: www.mobilityproductsdesign.com

Wells-Engberg The Wells-Engberg hand operated mechanical driving controls provide safe, easy and more convenient vehicle operation as well as being priced competitively with other manufacturers. We manufacture 4 different types of mechanical controls to suit all needs. website: www.wells-engberg.com

Creative Controls, Inc. Creative Controls, Inc. (CCI) designed the Moto-Mate hand control. Push right angle hand control that is not only durable but good-looking. The CCI Moto-Mate blends well with vehicle interiors. It can be ordered with up to four switches for turn, horn, dimmer or other functions if desired, and provides reliability to put any driver in control and at ease. Moto-Mate can be installed with little or no modification to your vehicle. website: www.creativecontrolsinc.com

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