Van Rentals

Are you over the age of 23?

Does the driver have a valid drivers license?

Does the driver have full coverage insurance?

Do you have a credit card for the deposit?

Store to pick up rental from?


If your rental is delivered to your location, a delivery charge will apply.
The charge varies with location and time(s) and will be a minimum total of $75.
Please call for a specific quote.

Rental Policies
*Minimum Driver age of 23 years old
*Valid Drivers License
*Proper Insurance coverage (comprehensive collision coverage which includes coverage for driving a rental vehicle)

Rental Deposit
Credit Card required to confirm reservation (see Cancellation Policy)
Visa, Discover, Master Card, or check will be accepted for deposit

Service Animal Policy
If you use a service animal, please inform us at the time of the reservation. Service animals are the ONLY animals allowed in our vehicle. Unauthorized pets will be subject to cleaning and damage charges.

Cancellation Policy
More than 72 hours (3 days) notice – 100% of deposit returned
Less than 72 hours notice – 50% of Contract will be charged to Credit Card
Note: Rental days are calculated on a 24 hour day (ex.: Pickup at 11 am on Monday return by 11 am Tuesday equals 1 days rent)

Daily rental fees include 100 free miles per day, cumulative.
Weekend rentals include 275 free miles for the weekend.
Any additional mileage above and beyond this allotment is charged at $0.35 per mile.

Vehicles are delivered with a full tank of gas and should be returned with a full tank.
Any vehicle returned short a full tank will result in a $70.00 refueling surcharge and a charge for the cost of gasoline.

Other Fees
If your rental is picked up from and/or returned to our store during non business hours a service charge of $35.00 per occurrence will be applied to the rental.

*Taxes – all rentals, overage mile charges, delivery fees and fuel charges are taxable.

FYI — How Well Do You Know Your Insurance Coverage

Credit Card Coverage If you have an accident with a Wheelchair Getaways of Wisconsin van and you’ve declined the Wheelchair Getaways of Wisconsin optional Partial Damage Waiver because you thought your credit card insurance covered you, consider these facts: You must pay for your rental using the card providing coverage or the coverage will not apply.

Most cards only reimburse you for your deductible after your own insurance pays. Some cards don’t pay unless you submit documented, “paid by you first” repair bills within a specified time. Some don’t cover rentals that last longer than a certain period. Some don’t cover certain van types or classes, (e.g., large Sport Utility Vehicles or certain luxury vans). Some only cover you if you purchase separate, additional, one-time rental van coverage before each rental or enroll in advance and pay an additional fee for each rental. Some don’t cover rentals on cards issued outside the USA. Credit card rental coverage is for damage to the van, not for liability claims against you by people injured in an accident.

Personal Automobile Insurance Coverage and if you think your own van insurance covers you for damage to the Wheelchair Getaways of Wisconsin van, consider these facts: Insurance coverage varies depending on the state in which it is issued. Insurance coverage can also vary from insurer to insurer. Your coverage may be limited to the value of the van you own, not the one you’re renting, or the limits of your property damage coverage. Some policies don’t cover rental vans, or cover them only when your van is being repaired. If your insurance doesn’t pay Wheelchair Getaways of Wisconsin in full, you’re still responsible for the remainder.

Your insurance premium could be raised because of this claim. Your insurance could be canceled if that claim makes you too high of a risk.   What should you do? If you’ve carefully checked with your own insurance agent or insurer and the charge card company you use to rent and are fully satisfied with the coverage they provide, you may choose to decline the Wheelchair Getaways of Wisconsin optional Partial Damage Waiver. But if you are not sure about your coverage, or if you have determined you are not adequately covered, accepting the Wheelchair Getaways of Wisconsin optional Partial Damage Waiver may be a good choice for you.

How do I accept these Options? To accept any of the Wheelchair Getaways of Wisconsin optional Partial Damage Waiver, simply advise the Wheelchair Getaways of Wisconsin agent at the time of your reservation. You will then be automatically covered for the rental period for the additional daily charge specified on the Rental Agreement. You are under no obligation to purchase this option as a condition of renting.