Vehicle Lifts: Stowage type

Stowage lifts are incredible products easily lift, store, and allow transportation of your unoccupied wheelchair, scooter, or power chair with every type of vehicle. Some lifts can be folded away when not in use. Please consult your Mobility Consultant before purchasing your vehicle for information on which lift will work best.

brunoasl-250 Brunovsl-4000 brunovsl-6900Bruno not only pioneered and set standards for the vehicle lift industry over 20 years ago, we continue to be the market leader.


Pride Silver Star Lifts

BackpackerMVNow you can take your mobility on the road easily in your Sport Utility Vehicle with the Backpacker MV. It’s the ultimate solution to lifting your powered mobility device into your vehicle, engineered specifically to be a perfect fit for a wide variety of popular vehicles including SUVs.

The Pride Silver Star SilverBoom 300 Lift fits easily into most vehicles and is engineered to provide smooth, efficient operation, maximum durability and sporty style, making it easy and affordable to take your mobility product with you wherever you go.


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